Insurance Disputes

Building and Professional Insurance Disputes

Brockhill & Usherwood are experts in:


  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Property insurance claim denials
  • AFCA
  • Domestic builders warranty insurance and plumbing insurance.

Whether your insurer has denied your claim or you have a building, property or financial dispute which relates to insurance we are experts in assessing insurance cover.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Most professionals are required to hold professional indemnity insurance but this does not mean that if you suffer loss that an insurer will pay. These policies can be highly complex and vary greatly between insurer and professional as to the coverage.

We regularly act for engineers and other design professionals and financial professionals who hold professional indemnity insurance or can advise homeowners or builders who are considering a claim against a party holding professional indemnity cover.

Property Insurance Claim Denials

Brockhill & Usherwood have significant experience in reviewing, advising and advocating in domestic and business insurance claims. However, before making a claim or contesting an insurer’s decision it is first imperative to understand if you have a legitimate legal ground to make a claim or to contest an insurer’s denial before taking action. 


One avenue to pursue a dispute with an insurer is at the AFCA and this is often a low cost avenue of resolving disputes if your insurer denies your claim. This will lead to a decision from AFCA which as a final determination will be binding on the insurer if you choose to accept it. Generally, AFCA will consider claims up to $1 million and compensation up to $500,000. These are substantial increases in the terms of reference of AFCA. Whether you are a policyholder or a financial service provider (FSP) it is imperative to obtain expert advice prior to filing your complaint or lodging a response. The stakes at AFCA are increasing.

If you have an insurance claim that has been denied, there are various avenues available to you. Brockhill and Usherwood are experts in insurance disputes.

Domestic Builders Warranty Insurance and Plumbing Insurance

Domestic Building insurance (DBI) or domestic builders warranty insurance as it is commonly called provides cover for incomplete and/or defective building work.

In Victoria, builders are required to arrange DBI for work valued at over $16,000.00. This insurance does not respond unless certain trigger events have occurred as in the builder having died, disappeared or become insolvent.

We also act in plumbing insurance claims and have had significant experience with building, mould and defect related claims.

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